Manufacturing processes

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Kremenchukgumotechnika has complete cycle of rubber-metal articles manufacturing, which allows to be competetive on World market.

Our in-house facilities

  • Tool Manufacturing - see REPRODUCTION
  • Rubber Molding Machines (Presses)
  • Full Rubber Compound Manufacturing Facilities (Mixing)
  • Measuring, Rubber Laboratory and Oil-Seals Testing Equipment
  • Full Range of Finishing Equipment (Automatic & Manual Rubber Trimming)
  • Preforming (Barwell), Rubber Compound Sheet Cutting (Lengthwise, Crosswise), Calendering
  • Metal Stamping Presses (up to 160 ton), High Productivity Automatic Stamping Lines
  • Metal Preparations, Metal Treatment
  • Galvanizing: Phosphating, Zinc-plating, Chromium-plating
  • Adhesive production, automatic glue applying, drying
  • Oil-seals Spring-forming & Spring-joining
  • Ovens, Thermostats
  • Mold Cleaning Equipment
  • Nitrogen Deflashing equipment
  • Storage Facilities, Transforming Station, Compressed Air Production and Accumulation, Boiler house etc.

Processes of P.P. “Kremenchukgumotechnika” in oil-seals production:

  • Tooling producing (Stamps, incl. Compound Die, Molds, Special tools, Automatons)
  • Heat treatment, Chromium coating, Polishing etc
  • Tool incoming inspection
  • Storage
  • Mold cleaning
Metal Case
  • Metal Inspection
  • Metal Storage
  • Metal Preparing for Automatic Stamping (roll), or for Manual Stamping - guillotine
  • Metal Inserts stamping on automatic lines (from 200 pcs/min), manual stamping.
  • Metal Case Storage
  • Phosphate Treatment. Semi-Automatic Galvanic Line
  • Adhesive preparing
  • Adhesive applying (automatic and manual)
Rubber material
  • Incoming inspection
  • Storage
  • Compounding
  • Rubber Physical Testing
  • Rubber Calendering and Cutting
  • Preforming (forming of raw rubber material)
  • Molding (Machines 3RT)
  • High Precision Post curing (computer controlled)
  • Spring forming
  • Spring joining
  • Thermostating of springs
Trimming and postprocess machining
  • Edge cutting of oil-seals with opened or rubbered metal case on fully automatic and manual machines
  • High precision Polishing of small rubber parts (for example, brake rubber parts with all working surfaces)
  • Punching etc.
Quality control
  • Ready Parts Inspection, Assembling (Spring loading) and packing
  • Storage and shipping, logistics
  • Testing Laboratory controls processes on all stages

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ISO 9001:2015 certified (UkrSEPRO certificate no. UA 8.0072.13956473.1-2017, confirmed 27/12/2017, valid till 26/12/2020).